The motivation
behind Leap

We understand your pain. The countless hours spent scrolling through miserable walls of text in search of a moderately inspiring job that doesn’t require a million years of experience. The subsequent impending fear of graduation and the seemingly inescapable uncertainty of life.

It’s horrifying. That’s no way to live. We’re here to save you.

And yes, we understand if you have any doubts over embracing a “professional” social network. Why wouldn’t you? There’s only one major player in that arena and they don’t understand your generation or even bother trying to.

But that’s not us.

Our team has an average age of 25. This isn’t a site made for established professionals looking to further expand their meaningless, ever-growing network, entirely predicated on appearances and creepy mutual back rubs.

Leap is a place made by people like you, for people like you. We believe your lives will be exciting adventures of growth and self-discovery. We’re here to nurture your talent and empower your visions of the future.

At Leap you’ll find jobs tailored to students like you. Students without 10 years of experience. Students who are still trying to figure out who and what they want to be. Students with a lust for life who believe things can and should be better.

Over the course of the next few years (and beyond) we plan to provide you with countless tools to help you build up your resume, develop new skills, engage with like-minded people, showcase your personal projects, and perhaps more importantly, help you kick-start your career.

Put aside the existential dread.

Retake control of your future.

Adam Balwant

Chief Executive Officer

Adam has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, information systems, and mobile technology. He has an MSc degree in Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation from the London School of Economics. In 2018, Adam sold his first start-up “RatherME” (mobile dating app) to a team of investors in Canada. Most recently, Adam had his start-up “Skip D Pot” (food delivery app) acquired by a larger company in Trinidad & Tobago.

Gerard Salleras

Chief Creative Officer

Gerard serves as the creative lead of Leap and is primarily involved in the UI and UX design of the platform. After studying Business Management at the University of Toronto, Gerard moved to London, England where he completed a degree in Marketing Communications. He has an extensive background in the advertising industry, where he has worked as a freelance copywriter for various British & Irish agencies.

Justin Parhar

Chief Operating Officer

Justin is responsible for the compliance matters of Leap. He ensures that the development meets all the required legal codes, and that Leap secures its intellectual property. He is an accredited lawyer in the state of Queensland, Australia after having completed his Juris Doctorate and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at Bond University in the Gold Coast.