Software Development Intern

Leap is a student professional networking app uniquely designed to transform the job market industry. The main purpose of Leap is to disrupt the job market industry by introducing the first ever two-sided platform that is targeted to students (high school, university, and recent graduates) and employers. Leap implements a wide range of unique and compelling features that enhance both the job seeking process for students and the hiring process for employers.

Leap is looking for a player to join our software development team as we look to continue providing cutting-edge tools and support to our development team. You will play a key role in resolving various front end bugs including cross compatibility amongst various browsers and operating systems. You would also be working with our existing web application and web codebases, developing new features and solutions, implementing an agile delivery (DevOps) pipeline, and delivering high-quality, testable code that delivers significant value.


  • A very positive attitude and desire to work as part of a team.
  • Demonstrable experience writing clear, well-documented, testable code in languages such as JavaScript, specifically react and javascript (beyond es6).
  • Must be open to learning or developing in an AWS environment (with various micro services for deployment and scalability.
  • Must be open to learning or developing using nginx, mongoDb and Django (i.e mezzanine, swampdragon, Django dip, smarter, webix)
  • Must be open to learning or developing using python and various python libraries.
  • Database experience (preferably not relational, but experience is experience!)
  • Knowledge of jQuery, CSS, HTML
  • Familiarity with distributed version control systems such as Git (bitbucket, gitlab, GitHub)

Nice to have:

  • Production level react experience
  • Experience with cloud-native development and architectures, and managing and scaling applications on a modern cloud platform (Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud)
  • Knowledge of mobile platforms similar to React Native and SDKs like Braintree, S3 buckets, node dependencies
  • Big Data Experience
  • Made contributions to GitHub libraries
  • Strong sense of humour, passionate about development!

What's in it for you?

  • Great team and company culture
  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • Work with a Lead Developer recently awarded Top 30 Under 30 Developer in Canada
  • Incentivized rewards based on performance